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Red Head Lights 800W

Red Head Lights 800W

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Condition: New in original Packaging

Model Name: Red Head Lights (800W)                   

  • Description:
  • Pro 800w Red Head Light with cooling frame +3x Bulbs studio video film lighting. Professional version Red Head Light with Heat-dissipation structure frame which provides better cooling ability than most other usual economical version similar red head lights.
  • Redhead light is compact, lightweight, multi-purpose soft/ flood /fill lighting solution ideal for stage, studio and location lighting applications. They are designed to operate with high temperature tungsten-halogen lamps, and well suited for use in tight or confined space where maximum light output and beam spread are required for fill or flood lighting.
  • This focusable Redhead light is made of high quality aluminum alloy with high efficiency reflector that provides high intensity in small package.
  • Redhead lights are widely used for videos, television news coverage, TV commercials, motion pictures and industrial films, especially fit small TV studios or stages in schools and universities                                                                                                                                                                                                        Specifications:
  • Output intensity adjustment: 10% to 100%
  • Full output power: 800 Watts
  • Light stand height: 2m (at full extension)
  • Carry bag fits: 3 x Stands, 3 x Lights
  • 3 lights and a bag
  • 3 light stands
  • 3 800w bulbs
  • 3 power cables
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