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Light Reflector kit 150 x 200cm 5 in 1

Light Reflector kit 150 x 200cm 5 in 1

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Condition: Brand new in original packaging 

  • Product Description:

  • 150cm x 200cm 5 in 1 portable reflector kit eliminates the need for multiple reflectors, silks and solids. The reflector is a lightweight, circular, steel-framed reflector system which folds conveniently into a disc approximately one-third its in-use size for easy transport and storage. Unlike conventional reflectors, however, the this reflector features a removable, reversible cover which allows for five uniquely functional surfaces in three separate configurations

  • Specification:
    Translucent surface for softening
    Silver for the contrast you look for
    Gold for warm tone
    White to fill the shadow
    Black to block out stray light

  • Package includes:
  • x1 (5 in 1 reflector ) 150cmx200cm
  • x1 soft black reflector Bag
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