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Sony NEX-5 Camera + 18-55mm Emount lens (used)

Sony NEX-5 Camera + 18-55mm Emount lens (used)

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The Sony NEX-5 was a bit of a surprise: Sony's APS 14mp DSLR sensor in a very small mirrorless camera body. The camera is so small, the necessary lens size (to cover the large APS image circle) tends to make the lens dominate the camera body when you see it (see image, above). The camera with the 18-55mm kit lens is basically the size of a small soap bar with the big barrel of an DSLR lens mounted on the front of it. 

A lot of people dismiss the NEX-5 (and other Sony NEX models) simply because of that: the lenses are too big, they say. If you're going to try to stick the camera into a jacket pocket, that very well may be true, but frankly the overall displacement, even with the big kit lens, isn't all that much and the size/weight is far lower than the low-end DSLRs. But if "small camera/small lens" is what you want, then yes, you need to look at the m4/3 or the Nikon 1 models, I think. 

Condition: Used, very clean 

Included: Sony NEX5 , lens 18-55mm, charger, battery , lens hood, belt 

Warranty: 6months 

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