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KingJOY GearCam 80cm Crank Slider

KingJOY GearCam 80cm Crank Slider

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The Fluid Motion Slider features a high-grade carbon fibre rail system that is sturdy and lightweight. The dual rail build combined with the aluminium slider carriage provides a touch structural frame. The belt drive system ensures optimal performance for fluid and quiet movement.

There is no need to remove the legs as they easily fold up that makes for easy transporting and quicker setup time. The fully adjustable legs allow for easy levelling of the slider. When shooting on uneven surfaces, adjust the height and angle on each leg individually. The round rubber pads on each leg help to further stabilize your shot.

Each leg has teeth like slots that help position the legs and prevents it from moving.The slider carriage has a 3/8"-16 that allows you to attach a ball head or video head. There is also a side-mounted brake so you can lock the slider carriage in place. On top of the slider carriage is an embedded bubble level to make sure your slider is completely balanced.

There are 6 rollers that slide smoothly on the sturdy carbon fibre rails. With the increased surface area of the rollers, the weight is distributed evenly and noise is greatly reduced from the sliding motion.

On both ends of the slider as well as the centre bottom plate features a 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 for attaching quick release plates, or you can attach it directly to your tripod or stands for additional support.

The flywheel counterweight system gives you more consistent and smoother slides when compared to a standard slider. The rotating counterweight provides momentum for smooth acceleration and deceleration when creating the perfect panning shot.

A handle is included so you can attach it onto the counterweight. This gives you a different way to operate the slider with a crank for full control over your camera movements. You don't have to use the handle and can just have the counterweight installed.


  • Fully Adjustable Legs
  • 6 Smooth Rollers
  • Ultra-Portable.
  • Ultra Silent
  • Carbon Fibre
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