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GODOX SK300 Professional Studio Strobe light

GODOX SK300 Professional Studio Strobe light

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SK300 Professional Studio Strobe light flash SK Series 110V/220V Power 5600K Max 300WS GN58 flash studio light lamp

Quickly installs various light modifiers such as softbox;
Wireless power control and flash triggering system
150W modeling lamp adjusts in 9 power levels
Precise output displayed on LED panel, 20 steps from 1.0 to 3.0 in 0.1 increments
Anti-preflash function enables aynchronization with cameras that have a one-preflash firing system
Outstanding output stability, no more than 2% shifts when under the same output
Auto memory and recovery of adjusted panel settings


Flash Output 300WS
Guide Number (ISO 100) 65
Color Temperature 5600 ± 200K
Power Voltage AC200~240V / 50HZ
Power Output Control OFF, 1.0-3.0 (1/8 - 1/1)
Modeling Lamp 150W / 9 Levels (1 - 9)
Recycle Time 0.4-3s
Triggering Mode Sync cord, Test button, Slave triggering, Wireless control port
Flash Duration 1/2000s - 1/800s
Fuse 5A

Package list:
1 x Godox SK300 Studio Flash Head
1 x Modeling Lamp

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