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EasyCover Case for Canon 800D (Accessories)

EasyCover Case for Canon 800D (Accessories)

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South Africa

The EasyCover Case for Canon Cameras protects your camera while it is fully functional, and is custom-manufactured per model for your cameras protection.

The EasyCover Case for Canon Cameras is custom-manufactured per model resulting in a perfect fit for your camera and protects against bumps, scratches, sand and dust.

Because of the high-quality silicon material the camera keeps its slim design and offers a smooth texture and secure grip.

The covers are specifically designed for the camera body. For some models these battery grips work perfectly fine. For most models you need to trim a small part of the cover if you want to use both.

Key Features

  • Professional appearance.
  • Protection against bumping and scratching.
  • Camera remains fully functional.
  • Custom made for each camera model, brand and size.
  • The silicone cover can be trimmed to accommodate Battery Grip.
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