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AD100PRO Ultra-Compact (new)

AD100PRO Ultra-Compact (new)

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The Godox AD100 Pro is a powerful, lightweight flash that will make an excellent addition to any photographer's kit. It measures 120x76x76mm and weighs 524g, making it a perfect companion for on-location or studio work. The AD100 Pro has a power output of 100Ws, which is more than enough to fill a softbox or other modifiers. The flash comes with a built-in 2.4Ghz receiver, allowing you full wireless control when used with any of Godox's popular X series transmitters, including the XPRO , X1T and X2T . The magnetic round head allows you to use various accessories, including the AK-R1 Round Head Accessory Kit and the Godox Dome Diffuser .

Godox warranty 2 year

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