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Collapsible Reflector + Scrim Diffuser 80cm (5-in-1)

Collapsible Reflector + Scrim Diffuser 80cm (5-in-1)

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What the sides are used for

Silver Reflector

  • *Creates a harsh reflection of light. 
  • *Ideally used with low ambient light or weak artificial lighting

Silver reflects a lot more light than the white side. The reflection tends to be a bit harsher and contrasty as well. It's therefore particularly useful when combining it with low-powered lights or when the sun is at its weakest. The silver side can be a bit blinding for your models -- in this case, use the white for a more modest reflection.

White Reflector

  • *Creates a modest amount of reflection
  • *Not as strong as the silver side. Reflects a softer quality of light. 

The white side reflects a more modest amount of light. The reflection is also a bit softer. Using the white side is a better option when working with high-powered strobes or when using it in harsh sunlight.

Gold Reflector

  • *Reflects a warm light, similar to that of a sunset/sunrise
  • *Can be used to reflect light onto the back of your subject, to create a golden hair or accent light

If you'd like to create a sunset or sunrise quality of light, even during midday, the gold side of a reflector can be very useful. You can also use the gold side to reflect light onto the back of your subject, to create a golden hair or accent/rim light.
Scrim diffuser

  • *Diffuses direct light, creating a softer quality of light with diffused shadows
  • *Can be used to soften harsh sunlight or any artificial lighting

The scrim is a near see-through material that is used to diffuse direct light. This can be used outdoors to soften harsh sunlight or can be used in combination with any artificial light sources that can't be modified with softboxes. 

Black Panel

  • *Used to block light
  • *Can be used to absorb excess fill-in light, to create darker shadows on your subject

The black panel is used to absorb stray light. This is particularly useful as a lighting flag/ The black panel can also be used opposite your main light source, to increase the contrast on your subject. 


Size Unfolded: 80cm
Size Folded: 23cm
Includes carry bag

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